Never had this problem for Two years at the same site
There is a very
slight chance the tech performing the sealed Copper tube condenser cleaning with the
Nu-Calgon scale remover .
may not be fully draining the
raceway condensers ,before he
pumps the scale remover
through the coil.
He is telling me that the liquid scale

is neutralizing (Turning Purple ) very fast sometimes within 5 Minutes, while he is
cleaning the same 8 ton
Copper pipe condenser,

I have used Nu-Calgon Liquid S.Remover
often ,with good results,
Even in Sites with Bad Water,
and very rarely seen it turn purple,
while cleaning one unit.
Including this site also.

The City make up water is
very soft and contains very
little mineral deposits
From what I understand calcium /Lime scale deposits will
neutralize the acid fast.

The Cooling Tower water,for the
last three
years, is automatically monitored and treated by Nalco on a regular basis.

The piping , Tower and units are
about 9 years old

BUT, For the Last six months
There is a constant , almost daily
event where the building's
condenser water
black pipe fittings
are corroding rapidly.

They are changing at least One or Two
2 Inch and 3 Inch
black pipe
fittings and Pipe Sections
almost weekly.

The exterior of the pipe or fitting turns
a rust color and develops
a small pin hole leak

I have seen a couple of
interiors and
they were lined with a
hard (Metal like ) rust color build up

But ,what else is new with Black pipe

All The units still work with normal
head pressures
For this site
the Nu-Calgon is a new problem

Wouldn't excessive pipe corrosion
be the result of too much acid in
the water?

What properties in the pipes and
water would cause the scale
remover to rapidly neutralize ?

What chemical levels should I ask Nalco to pay even closer attention to ?
Thank you