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    When I look in there (cl) or on the road signs and see 0.00 maintenance or cheap repairs advertised I think one thing, the person who calls them gets what they got coming. Any reasonably knows that something advertised as cheaper than all other reasonable pricing comes with a catch or hook somewhere.

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    Look at the spelling errors on that as well. That is pathetic.

    If he didn't care to put effort in that Craigslist post, do you really think he is going to put effort into servicing your systems?

    Did he make the customer take the picture? or does he always bring a second technician with him?

    Dont even try doing a background check.... all he said is "my name is dustin". I doubt his name is dustin. If he was serious about this, he would have put his full name.

    I can pick apart every sentence.

    "I have been doing heating and cooling for 9years" - how many companys?, What companys?, If i were to call those companys right now, what would they say about you?, If i were to call a previous client, what would they say about you?

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    edited the previous post.

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