Hi folks,

Fist off thanks for the forum! Been reading and it's an excellent resource.

I lease an old commercial warehouse in NC that was built in the 20's. The exhaust fan has never worked and I've sweated through enough summers without it. Landlord won't fix it so it's up to me. I got on the roof and pulled the front of the shroud. Fan spins fine and there were a couple holes for oil on top of the arbor housing. Threw some synthetic gear oil I had left over from servicing my motorcycle in there. Motor is shot and there's no belt. So my plan is to replace the motor and belt and she should be in business right?

My main question is about the motor. I'm attaching a picture of it. I was hoping to get some info in terms of HP and RPM but this thing is so coated with gunk I can't find a thing. Does anyone know what kind of specs I need on this? Fan looks to be 48" in diameter...belt measured 5 feet long. Also do I need some other kind of oil for that arbor?

Any advice greatly appreciated!

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