"Golly Gee , we don't know which kind of radical group could have done this!"

sure we do, his first name is Mohammad, and we're just waiting for the government to tell us what his last name was.

"all 16 intelligence agencies are working on this"
...and not one of them could prevent sht could they?
we pay these people to pass laws against us.

news reporters trying to twist this in the direction they want to go.
"well usually around April 20 we see attacks during Hitler's birthday, like Columbine"

Columbine wasn't originally planned for April 20th and one of the kids was Jewish, so sorry, it wasn't a right-wing terrorist attack.

"this could be a Timmy McVeigh, Oklahoma city domestic terrorist"
i'm sorry but no, McVeigh chose a government target and there's not one right-wing terrorist in America who thinks they will accomplish something by blowing up random people.

"you know , it is tax day April 15th"
yeah right!
someone who is upset over paying taxes is going to blow people up in Boston.

"one 20 year old Middle Eastern guy was tackled and brought in for questioning"
"law enforcement raided an apartment and left with bags of evidence"
"but we still have no idea who did this"

it seems to me this crazy ass government and it's 16 intelligence agencies are more concerned with the public image of Islam then they are reporting to us who did this.

if they don't come up with some Muslims, i'm calling bullsht.

the finish line was heavily filmed, they should have something on tape.