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    Confused Portland OR C store Daikin vs MHI or a new HVAC?

    Hello I have a cstore in Portland Oregon area, approx 1900 sq feet. My 1998 Trane HVAC 5 ton just does not do the AC job. In fact last summer store was in the high 80s to low 90s when weather was hot. The HVAC works alright but just not enough cooling. I have been getting estimates from contractors and am leaning towards adding two 3 ton Daikin or MHI units. there is also a 12 by 12 office area to cool ( not addressed in estimate).
    Heating is not a problem at all as there are so many extra heat source in the buildings, refers, granita machines,coolers all producing heat. The store is a big rectangular box and we would be putting units of offset each other on opposite ends ( high on the wall) of the building.
    If I were to replace my 10 Seer rated HVAC with a say 7.5 or larger unit on the roof I may get into structural issues etc.
    The estimates I have been getting for 2 Daikin 3 ton units with two indoor wall mounted heads and condenser units( think that is what they are called) are mounted on the ground in fenced area behind unit instead of roof, comes to just over $$$$.
    I am told these units are much more efficient and could do most of the job saving energy.

    My questions what would you do if you were in my position? And a reasonable cost to do what ever you would reccommend approx. We are small family owned business and this is a major expense for us. Which unit do you prefer Daikin or MHI and why?


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    Call Travis at Sky Heating!

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    Gerald, I own Sky Heating locally here in Portland, you can either email me travis at skyheating dot com or take a look at our website for our phone number and we can have somebody come to your location to suggest what might work best for you.
    I personally am a big fan of Daikin, we have put in a lot of their systems and our installers like them better than other ductless options. They have great warranties and are well built units that usually come in at a great price compared to other brands.
    When you say CStore I assume you mean convenience/711 style store? Each of these has different heat loads depending on how many coolers, load of people etc so its very hard to say how many tons of equipment you may need.

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