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Thread: Graduating soon

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    Graduating soon

    well ill be graduating in april from ETI (environmental technical institute) in Itasca IL. in the HVACr field. i've been in this field for about a year. first as a gofer then as a lead instaler that i was in charge of one other guy for about 10 months. no longer employed because the owner shut down because a couple of deadbeat contractors didn't pay him. i was just wondering what are some good things to put in a resume and things to keep out of it. and could some one help me out on away to put my school achievements with out sounding just like im bragging. thank you all for your help.

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    Like all employers of all industries.
    Stability, everybody wants someone who will not call in sick. Not need alot of time off for personal reasons etc.
    loyalty, honesty and integrity.
    If you were top in your class that is very impressive.
    any certifications you have from school or otherwise are impressive.
    ability to work overtime is usually very important or eagerness to work overtime.
    Once you get your job, for the first year atleast never call in sick, never have a doctors apointment,
    do not get divorced, "or get married" lol
    look neat
    keep a clean truck
    Most important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    do good paperwork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    even if you had 365 call backs and you screwed up everything.
    if your paperwork is good. so are you.
    good luck
    true knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.

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    ok, thank you very much for your help.

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