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    The MSM are going to beat this horse until it turns into whipped cream.

    The Boston bombing, I mean.

    It sucks that it happened, and that it was at the Boston Marathon. But the press are like carnival hucksters, whipping up the crowd and selling blood and gore.

    At my house, the TV and radio will stay off at news time for the next several days.
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    It can be a bit much at times. But considering what happened I believe its warranted.

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    The media can be a bit much at times, but as someone who has more than a passing acquaintance with the marathon and the general area where the incident occurred I think that it is not something to be taken lightly. But to each their own.

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    Yep... peeps want to see it.

    I had my fill of yesterday afternoon....... switching back and forth between fox and that hln...??? network......

    I watched more news yesterday than I did all last year and this year up till yesterday.

    I hope hardcore pawn comes on tonight....or maybe something else..... think I missed hells kitchen last night....not sure if its on mondays or tuesdays anymore...... but I always watch it toward the end of the week on u toob.
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    Seems like summer reruns started last week on all the channels, or maybe it is just the half dozen I watch.
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    yep the media is out of control, i've been watching a lot of Netflix.
    now they're showing victims of the bombing and advertising their "breaking news"

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