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    Ductwork with R8 insulation better for attic?

    We still are not satisfied with all the issues related to HVAC that's going on in the house. The companies seem unwilling to help.

    We have noticed that when our upstairs A/C runs in the Summer, the air coming out of the registers is not very cold. whenever the temperature is below 80 outside, the airflow seems a bit colder. During our annual tune-up, the tech checked charges and everything was proper. The system is a Goodman SSX14 2-ton air conditioner with a Goodman CAPF3636A6 indoor coil that was installed a year ago. The furnace is a Lennox SL280v, and it was installed back in July. Airfow was lowered by the tech to 825 cfm (825 cfm for the first 7 minutes then speed increases) and that didn't help solve the issue. I'm now thinking it's the ductwork that's wrong since it has R6 insulation. None of the companies ever mentioned anything about the ductwork. Is this issue typical with attic systems?? Should the ductwork be replaced? Thanks.
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