I left Lincoln "Power Luber" out of the title, figured it would lead to a hi-jacked thread about another topic.

But I have seriously been looking at this product. I realize many of you maybe have a few zerks on a daily basis to lubricate on your rounds.
But I seriously get my butt kicked on certain properties where there are up to ten large packaged units and trying to finagle into some grease points and then pump the gun, tiring.
Commercial guys know what I am talking about...just a single penthouse mechanical room can get pretty tiring.

Just wondering if anyone has tried this out or something similar. I like the case most of all, keeping things clean and prevent a mess.

It is reasonably priced at about $230 bucks for the 18 volt and half that for the 12 volt.

I already have an extension hose and nice long necked angle adapter I use on my regular grease gun and can get into every tight spot I come across.

I wonder how accurate the grease output meter is? Nice to get away from guessing and actually dispense a recordable amount.

Here is a video of their newest 18v unit...tempting.