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    3rd Grade Science Project

    My daughter wanted to do her 3rd Grade Science Project on Refrigeration.

    I explained to her that in order to understand Refrigeration, she'd first need to understand "Boiling Point" That led us into a discussion of how water boils at different temperatures, depending on the different altitudes, Or, as I explained it, how much the air weighs. We proved this by boiling water at +206 degf., Las Vegas, NV., elevation 2030 feet above Sea Level.

    So I'm putting out the call. Any of you who have a need to boil a pot of water for anything, can you maybe drop an accurate thermometer in and snap a pic of it when it first begins to boil? Post it here with whatever city you're in.

    Thanks, fellas!

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    Columbus Ohio 771' 209*Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk 21365998958.717634.jpg
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    Solder or JB weld a schraeder fitting into a mason jar lid.

    Use a vacuum pump.

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