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    Question Dry Contact

    What is your best definition of a dry contact.
    It seems like there is as many different answers as there are dry contacts out there.

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    It means that the contact has no voltage attached to it. This contact can then be used as an input for a system separate than the one with the dry contact, and can be used with a separate power source.

    This is a generalization but I would say most dry contacts are rated for use up to 250V.

    For example, lets say the controller on my system, and all of main relay outputs operate on 24VAC. I have a seperate alarm contact that has an isolated common. You could then take my system, and hook up the alarm contact to a 120V light bulb, or to a 5VDC input on a PLC, etc.

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    Well said, Dry contacts require exteral power. "Wetted" contacts will read voltage supplied by the control.

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    Thanks for the reply, that was very easy to understand the way you put it.

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