Regarding valve and damper actuators PIDs, I have been leaving the PID deadband at 0. I wonder what sort of affect that has on the actuator over time, since even a well-tuned loop will have regular small corrections (tenths of a percent).

When I first started learning, it seemed that having a deadband resulted in more hunting when the PID went out of idle mode when the deadband was exceeded, so I concentrated on tuning the throttling range and interval so that the corrections would be within a deadband range without actually having a deadband. Now I wonder if I'm saving valves at the long-term expense of actuators.

I haven't seen an unusual number of actuator failures. The ones we've installed are lasting for years, but they do seem to fail more than other things, I guess any moving part will fail more than non-moving parts. But if an actuator should last 10 years I want to do whatever I can to help that happen.