I don't know how I did it, but I must of stepped in s***, found a great job in this field with good pay. No dispatchers, no service manager, I set my own schedules. Just me, my Amex card & the operations manager, 28 commercial kitchens work & AC in all of the buildings. Some package AC but mostly split systems. Walk-ins, reach ins, etc. Some electrical & plumbing repairs too. They supply an old but very serviceable Ford truck with a cap and my tools & torch.

I'm the go to guy too mainly cause I am the only guy. This can become over whelming at times but I like the challenge. It prevents boredom. Some locations 2hrs apart And most of my equipment & buildings are 20-40 years old have been abused due to lack of proper PM maintenance, lots grease and some previous repair work. The attic work is brutal and not really possible to replace air handlers unless full remodeling is in the budget. The company trusts my knowledge & judgement in regards to how & what needs upgrading vs. what I can/can't repair. My biggest issues right now are the ancient R22 AC units and no way to change air handlers. So I am getting to know R438A. I feel for you guys having to deal with a shops full of big talker guys with BS and lousy work ethics & skills.

I add to my bag of knowledge daily. I only wish I had a helper!