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    Where to buy Filter media


    I live in an apartment with windows that slide from left to right. For years, I've been installing 3M furnace filters on my windows by cutting them according to height & length to prevent pollen allergens during spring which drive my crazy. I cannot use AC for health reasons. And of course, I have a large air purifier in the apt too.

    This year, before going through the DIY project which I don't mind, I want to see if it'll be simpler to use filter media if anybody sells it. I need Merv 12 or 13 and think it'll be easier to cut. I don't really get hit by any rain on my windows so the plan is to simply tape the media all across the window sill


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    look for rolled pre-filter in your area...heres a link as an example.

    or just search rolled pre-filter. and if I was you I would make a wire frame to fit your window. you than cut the roll up into pads and use binder clips to clip filter to wire rack. or what ever you just don't want it to blow away.

    Much cheaper and does the job

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