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    Jacksonville FL market and schooling options

    New to the forums, been living in Jacksonville for about 10 years. I'm looking at getting into the hvac field and I'm wondering about the market in Jacksonville currently and also long term, as in have there been lots of layoffs historically, do new people typically get laid off during the slow season etc etc. I'm a 32 year old responsible adult with an excellent work ethic and I've been punching a clock since I was 13 years old, so I'm very eager and willing to learn. I've already considered all the possible negatives I could imagine without actually working in the field like working conditions and such. So pretty steady work in town? More ups and downs than normal?

    Also was wondering if the hvac program at FSCJ is a good one? I've been trying to ask around to see if it's a good program but I don't know anyone local in hvac and I can't find anything online.

    Thanks in advance for any help, this sites been very helpful so far!

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    I have always worked commercial so i cant say much about residential. The companies i worked for we did either refrigeration, cell towers, deli equipment or electrical and plumbing as well as HVAC. So i cant say much about residential or a traditional straight HVAC companies in the area.

    But i have worked with a few guys who went to FCCJ for HVAC and they say they learned alot.

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    FSCJ is a good program that has a good bit of labs for hands on. There is also the Northeast Builders Association. They have an apprenticeship that is paid by your employer, you pay for book material. 4 years 2 nights a week in fall, winter, spring. Summer off.
    Not much lab, mostly classwork BUT they help place you in a company within there association, which is where you'll get your "hands on." NEFBA is what I went through. Just google them cause i dont know if i can post links here.

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    Thanks for the help guys! I'll look into them.

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    i dont know but also like to know

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