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    Hmm Yaskawa E7B drive question

    I came apon this drive and the keypad is blank,(no power on it) . I look in the technical manual and it says nothing about that problem. Can anyone share any insight on this problem? Oh...of course the drive does not work, and all fuses are good. Is the drive dead or can I replace a board?

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    I never worked on a Yasakawa drive but I would believe a board would be a problem. I don't recall the board specifically but I had one on a Toshiba with same problem. Manuals should lead you in right direction.

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    Do you have the 480 coming into the VFD?
    I havea Yaskawa VFD disk form a recent installation, if you give me your email address I may be able to eamil it to you.

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    It may not be the board, it could possibly be the operator. If no one changed the o2-06 parameter, the default setting will stop the VFD if the operator is removed.

    So if the operator is bad, the main board will not see it and stop. Also with the E7B, your operator is remotely connected to the board with a cable as the operator is mounted on the door. Is the cable good & plugged in the correct socket [the right one looking from the back]? It is a standard Cat5 cable if you believe the cable might be bad. Ideally, if you have access to another E7 VFD you can swap the operators to verify if it’s bad.

    Have you have verified the voltage on all 3-phases of incoming power and verified the Charge Indicator is ON?

    Have you checked terminals SP/SC & SN for 24vdc? This will tell you if the main board has power & is supplying control power. Won’t confirm if the board is bad, but the power for the operator comes from the main board.

    I would definitely contact Yaskawa Tech Support before condemning parts. You could have other issues within the VFD that have blown an internal fuse and now not powering the main board, operator or allowng the VFD to run.

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