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    Here's one for you liberal Hillary/Clinton lovers


    Students were assigned to read 2 books, "Titanic" & "My Life" by Bill
    Clinton. One smart-ass student turned in the following book report,
    with the proposition that they were nearly identical stories! His cool
    professor gave him an A+ for this report:

    Titanic... $29.99
    Titanic... Over 3 hours to read
    Clinton... Over 3 hours to read
    Titanic... The story of Jack and Rose, their forbidden love and
    subsequent catastrophe.
    Clinton... The story of Bill and Monica, their forbidden love, and
    subsequent catastrophe.
    Titanic... Jack is a starving artist.
    Clinton... Bill is a bull**** artist.
    Titanic... In one scene, Jack enjoys a good cigar.
    Clinton... Ditto for Bill.
    Titanic... During ordeal, Rose's dress gets ruined.
    Clinton... Ditto for Monica.
    Titanic... Jack teaches Rose to spit.
    Clinton... Let's not go there.
    Titanic... Rose gets to keep her jewelry.
    Clinton... Monica's forced to return her gifts.
    Titanic... Rose remembers Jack for the rest of her life.
    Clinton... Clinton doesn't remember Jack.
    Titanic... Rose goes down on a vessel full of seamen.
    Clinton... Monica...ooh, let's not go there, either.
    Titanic... Jack surrenders to an icy death.
    Clinton... Bill goes home to Hilary...basically the same.

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    Fantastic, he deserves a A+. So does the teacher for not being a leftest jerk and failing the student for going against Hillary.
    "I could have ended the war in a month. I could have made North Vietnam look like a mud puddle."

    "I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution."
    Sen. Barry Goldwater

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    LOL good one. I dont know whats funnier though. The joke or glen thinking its true.

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    And this has what to do about politics???

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    Quote Originally Posted by seatonheating View Post
    And this has what to do about politics???
    Nothing!! Thats the real joke in the matter...

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