Passenger plane enroute to Dallas - Pilot comes over the announcing system and says "Ladies and gentlemen, we have a serious problem. Our engines have quit and were going down. If we lighten the load we may be able to glide to an airport. Sorry but we're going to have to dump out all of your luggage." 10 minutes later the pilot announces "Dumping the luggage helped but it's not enough. I hate to ask this but we need some volunteers to jump out and lighten the load some more." An Englishman stands up, goes to the door, says "God save the Queen!" and jumps out. An Irishman, not to be outdone goes to the door, says "Erin Go Bragh(sp?)!" and jumps out. The pilot comes back on and says "Thanks to those 2 brave men, we still have a chance, but we need 2 more volunteers". A Texan stands up, grabs 2 Mexicans and throws them out, saying "Remember the Alamo!"