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    AmeriCooler is good walkin. Although I've hit the lottery twice with AmeriCooler, they gave me a wrong Panel twice when I installed their walk ins, you know the hook is on the right side, but upside down. Had to use steel pieces to frame that together with the rest of the panels, that took another 2 hours of the time. Anyone else encounter these issues, or is it just my luck?

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    I built more then a few back in the mid 80's they were mostly produce boxes built on concrete floors I just used polyethylene on the inside for a vapor barrier I use A/C grade plywood back then it was good stuff a few I built with fiberglass batt most I switched to urethane 4" they work OK they are kina labor intensive it is far easier with the pre fabs lot less labor costs

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    Southeastern Cooler is a good one. Americooler is also a good one.

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    In years gone by, I made side money processing deer meat for hunters. I built two extra walls in the garage making an 8x8 room with no windows except a place to put a window unit AC(an old one). With the walls and ceiling insulated to R13 and the door closed, I would relax the deer in there. It wasn't the most effecient walk in cooler, but for a couple weeks in the fall it was fine. That would be a very poorly insulated walkin for everyday year round use, but for what I did with it, it was fine.

    May I recommend a prefabed box? Even if you want to use a condensing unit and evaporater that you already have, I highly recommend that you use a commercially available box.

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