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    Confused manifold,sman 4 or 570

    You may have already answered this question but,I was wondering if I bought the s-man 4 which is really nice or the 570, which is also nice,which one is going to be more accurate?

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    SMAN 4 is very accurate but you have to calibrate before each use to ensure accuracy. I carry a large thermos of crushed ice an water to make my calibration. If you calibrate once in the morning you are usually good for the day. If i suspect my SMAN temps might be off I back them up with a Testo contact thermometer. Usually the one calibration per day will hold me.

    The Testo 570 is a dream come true. Accuracy is excellent with no calibration needed (must be sent in for calibration once a year like all fine instrument should be)

    570 can print and data log as well as use accessories to measure ODT, measure amp draw an many others.

    Both are great , one just does more than the others.

    I just got my AK 900 so I am reserving personal comment on them 'til I have had more time with them. But other guys swear by them. They just don't do as much as the SMAN or the 570.

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    Thank you,so you don`t calibrate the Testo but you calibrate the S-Man 4. I thought if you zero`ed out the temp it would be ok. I understand useing ice water to calibrate a regular dial thermometer,I wasn`t aware of using this method for k-type clamps on either the Testo or S-Man 4 Digital Manifolds. I know since you don`t have to calibrate the psig readings,except for zero-ing them out.Unlike the use of regular manifold gages. I assumed,it would be accurate like a Digital Multi Meter. Thank you,for your` help.

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