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    Hello, I`m new here.

    I am a HVAC/R student in Jacksonville, Florida. I will start school next month. I am a NAVY vet{DEREST STORM} era. I worked on, ice machines,chilled water systems,Hpac/Lpac systems on board ship. It was a long time ago. I have been a furniture mover for about 20 years now.That is a young mans sport now. I am 46 years old now,I thought it would be a good thing to get back into this field. I understand most of you are probably younger than me just starting out in this field but,you are never to old to learn or start over. I assume after school I will have to be a helper but,thats ok. I understand everyone starts there,so I will suck it up and carry through with it. At least at my age I`m more laid-back than I was 20 years ago. Anyways.I found this site.I hope to talk to some good HVAC/R people here. Thank you for letting me join and reading my post.

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    Sorry Desert Storm.

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    Welcome and thank you for your service to our country.

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    Thank you techbill11, I look forward to some great conversations on here.

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    Hello ray. I am also new here and thanks for your service. I have been in this industry for ten years here in Indiana and may even make a move to your neck of the woods in the near future. Good luck and if I can help you in some way I'd be happy to.

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    Thank you charding, and welcome yourself. I know I got a ways to go but,I`m not a quiter. I do feel weird being 46yrs old going to school but, you got to do what you got to do. I will be a helper for a few years probably but,will gain valuble experience in trouble shooting and procedures of a good HVAC/R Tech..

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    Don't feel bad about that! I see it all the time here. I started young and started as a helper/ tool carrier but I dedicated myself to learn service and moved up fast at a smaller company.I found that i surpassed the guys that i was helping pretty quick because they were strictly installers.Service isn't as bad on your body. You do wind up in some attics or crawlspaces from time to time obviously but I find it pretty easy. I do a lot of sales but also enjoy the troubleshooting part of it. Are there a bunch of companies in your area? My wife and I have been talking about a move. Winters are brutal here and we love the ocean.

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    I completed an HVAC program in May of 2011 and went to work the next week; turned 46 a month later.

    Totally doable and you do have some advantages over the younger crowd. But I'm hear to tell ya'...a young immortal body ain't one of 'em.

    I didn't just pull my screen name out of a hat ya' know...

    Best of luck to you and thanks for standing on the wall for us.

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    Welcome and thank you for your service. I'd rather hire a 46 year old vet than a 20 year old know it all any day. Good luck, you've got lots to learn.

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    Thank you all,sorry for the delayed response. Makes me feel better knowing that I`m not crazy for doing this at my age

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