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    Which is the best?

    II have posted earlier that I have a 19 year old USPower GSDX 4 ton unit that needs to be replaced. I have three options to consider:
    Earthlinked 4 ton unit with six - 100 ft wells
    Tranquility 27 4 ton unit with four - 200 ft wells (TTH049BGC00ALWS)
    Bryant 4 ton FE series and fou8r ton that pump (50YDS049NCP311)

    Ignoring price, which is the best?

    Ignoring price, which has a more dependable installation?

    If Earthlinked was $10K more, how long would it take to recover the money?

    If you were installing one in your home, would you have any optional equipment installed?

    Thank you everyone for your input. I have not had an operating system for 4 months now and now is the time to act.

    Thanks again.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClarkBP View Post
    I have earthlinked in my own home, so I'd suggest the Earthlinked. However, to the question of how long it would take to recover the $$$, that would be site & load specific.
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