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    vet. hospitals

    Does anyone know where to find information about rate of air exchange for vet. hospitals ? I have a customer who whants to set up a new vet. clinic and need to know how to ventilate the operating room. Anything would be helpful.

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    Nothing in the code about it, as far as I know.

    Previously discussed here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by ralphtheplumber View Post
    Nothing in the code about it, as far as I know.

    Previously discussed here:

    Ralph, that's a great quote in your signiture. Another one that fits well on this site from A.E. is...

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    The only thing I've ever found was ASHREA's standards for pet stores

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    Maybe this will help?

    Dear Rose1,

    Although no one has been able to find any information on veterinarian hospitals I would suggest something……….lets look at “people’ hospitals.

    The company I work for takes care of 27 different hospitals in the Los Angeles, CA area along with numerous outpatient surgical centers, MOBs (medical office buildings) and skilled nursing facilities (old folk’s homes).

    According to OSHPD (Office of Statewide Heath Planning & Development) a hospital operating room has either of the following two air change requirements:

    1. If the system draws 100% outside air, then the operating rooms needs to maintain a minimum of 12 AC/H while maintaining a positive static pressure in relationship to surround areas and rooms.

    2. If the system has a portion of return air, then the operating rooms need to maintain a minimum of 20 AC/H of total air, “AND” a minimum of 4 AC/H of outside air while maintaining a positive static pressure in relationship to surround areas and rooms.

    Both the above system must have a minimum of three(3) separate filter banks laid out as such:

    Bank #1: Located in the outside air or return section of the system with a minimum of 30% efficient filter media. These can be either 1” or 2” inches thick.

    Bank #2: Located in the supply air stream adjacent and upstream of the 3rd bank. These filters also must have a minimum 30% efficient filter media “AND” must be a minium of 2” thick.

    Bank #3: These “absolute” filters must be located downstream of bank #2’s filters and must have a minimum rating or 90/95% and be a minimum of 12” thick.

    Lastly, all duct insulation located downstream of the 3rd or absolute filter bank must be outside lined and no fiberglass insulation can come in contact with the air stream from that point on.

    Hope this helps……….

    Respectfully Submitted,
    John J. Dalton CM

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    John - very informative post. Great information there.

    I have to agree with the just of what John is saying - why wouldn't you set it up as a regular operating room? Granted being it is an "animal" room it may not "need" all the requirements. Also wouldn't there be a Vet. Organization that the Vet. would be a member of that you could get information from? Just another thought.
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