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    Monessen CDVT36 problem

    So I have a 1 year old CDVT36 gas direct vent fireplace that uses a millivolt ignitor or something like that. Anyways, recently the fireplace stopped working. I will describe the symptoms below.

    Flip wall switch and I get a beep but nothing happens.

    Take cover off and turn off unit, turn on wall switch, turn unit back on it makes some tapping noises and does nothing. If I hit the "on" button a few times I can sometimes get a spark and the fireplace comes on... but I can't get it to turn off.

    Turn off the unit and back on, the wall switch still doesn't work.

    It is only 1 year old. The installer has disappeared and I really don't have a ton of money to pay $100 an hour service fees. Any ideas?

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    Make sure your toggle switch is in the "remote" setting, and that the wall switch isn't faulty (take it off the wall and twist the millivolt wires together.

    It sound like its just not sparking consistently. Take some emery cloth and clean off the pilot hood and ignitor. Every "tap" you hear is the ignitor attempting to spark.

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    From your description, It sounds like wall switch could be the 110v AC supply to the unit. What is the "on" button you refer to? the remote? If so leave wall switch in on position, then hit the on button of the remote. check batteries and check to make sure you have gas. Sometimes there is 4aa batteries under the unit for the remote receiver if you have one.

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