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    How would you go about applying for that?

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    HEEEEELLLLLOOOOOOO??? anyone want to tell me if there is a way to apply for starcon? im just a really hard working kid looking for a welding job. im top two in my class and going for my certifications in plate. and when will the 597 apprentices be accepted?

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    Stressed out.

    Has any apprentice class started yet? Or has anyone been accepted for the apprentice program at 597 yet? Any info would help, thank you.

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    have you tried calling up there and asking?

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    I'm going to call tomorrow afternoon but first I wanted some help from anyone who knows besides the actually training center because the guys are always so busy and don't answer more then one question. and they answer with only a sentence or two.

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    thats true, i called a few weeks ago no info..... whats your email

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    Let us know what you find out please.

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