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    What tests do you believe are the most overlook when dealing with gas inserts?

    Over the last couple months learning the various tests:T-pile, T-couple, Valve ohms, Valve epu, Gas pressure

    input/manifold, switch continuity, etc... its been pretty fun and initially loved working on pellet systems but gas has to be

    the most interesting and rewarding. So when I go out into homes I record all the above information for later use and

    measurements against future years/predictive maintenance. I have been devouring manuals/schematics/manufacuer

    troubleshooting guides asking tech as many questions as possible trying to find ways I can better identify component

    failures, parameters of operation, tricks and tips etc.. I was just wondering what tests that overlooked and valuable.

    Appreciate the feedback.

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    I'm going to say C.O detection & gas valve shutdown tests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phfpservice View Post
    I'm going to say C.O detection & gas valve shutdown tests.
    Gas valve shut down tests...YES! Often overlooked on commercial kitchen equipment too. I've across many stuck pilot safety valves on gas ovens.

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    gas valve safety shutdown
    safety devices
    combustion analysis
    ambient CO
    test glass seal patency
    combustible gas sniffer
    inlet gas pressure under full load
    switch leg resistance
    switch leg load test
    pilot generator load test
    homeowner competency in operating it

    Not a test but inspecting the installation for clearances, the vent termination for damage and proper clearances is one and confirming correct fuel set up is another (NG vs. LP)

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