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    western canada potential? (SK, AB, BC)

    Western canada techs, I need your help.

    I am entertaining the idea of leaving ON, since I got the letter regarding this stupid College of Trade idea that the province impose on us, to go west to AB or SK. I am a 2nd year registered refrigeration mechanic apprentice. this is the 4th year I'm in the HVAC trade, I did home renovation before. I have the equivalent of Industrial "A" gas license and oil license. Mainly did light commercial and light industrial service and repair, also crossing over to residential side. I'm able to handle any service and most install situation. on the ICI side, nothing too complicated, rooftop change out, HXC change out, MUA burners,, etc.

    Now, I've visited AB and SK this past winter to visit family, and boy does it ever cold. I probably was wearing the wrong clothing too. What is the employment outlook that you guys see in the future over there? Is it very much tied into the oil/energy field? I was at rheem/raypak class today and the instructor said that majority of western "tech/install" that he ran into doesn't have a manometer/multimeter (which I found hard to believe). If that I'm competing against, then I def much more better than that.

    Other than the UA local 488 and is there any place you would suggest that I look into? or any company you would recommend that I could submit resume ? . I would prefer staying with ICI company instead of resi. I'm willing to crossover, but rather not do purely resi work or install for that matter. Lloydminster area would be ideal since I have family over there and could bum a room. But I am willing to look at all places.

    Thank you for your help.
    Have tools and gauges, will travel.


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    I know startec is hiring industrial guys right know

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