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    Freezer making ice

    I have two differant customers with walk-in freezers in their shop that builds up ice on the end of the evap over a period of about 10-12 months. The ice builds up all around the txv and then starts to build out into the fan compartment. The freezer never seems to have a problem because of the ice, until it getsthick enough to stop the fan blade. Any suggestions what to check?
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    Check your Superheat at the Evaporator, what type of Low Ambient Control for the Compressor? Make sure you have adequate ref in the system for low ambient operation.

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    Yes, leathernecke5 is right about the superheat, but forget about the normal 4 to 6 evap superheat for a freezer. Go as low as possible at the evap, just make sure to maintain the 15 to 20 compressor superheat.

    Also, the outlet of the TXV, distributor tubes, and the first few inches of the coil are the coldest point. Refrigeration 101 states that heat flows to cold as well as the humidity in it.
    If you will pack insulation such as perma-gum or sticky back armaflex around the txv outlet, distributor tubes, and return bends, this moisture will no longer be able to accumulate.

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    I would like to get a bit more info on this before we get all radical.

    I need the evap and the TXV numbers along with refrigerant type and compressor info.

    Something smells here and this needs to be cleaned up.

    While you are at it I want the superheat numbers you have now and the condition of the box and the product type and turn over.

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