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    hello from coal country pa

    hello all. looking to become an active member of the community. i will start with a little bio. graduated high school and like many 18 yrs today i was very unsure of my future. and like many youths i went straight to a university, and like many youths i partied just a little to hard. i recognized the error of my ways i decided to not return after one year. lucky i was on a half ride and my student debt didnt mount too high. well i work for a couple years kicking around what would fancy my interests.
    after much research and self evaluation i decided with hard work a career in hvac/plumbing would keep the lights on. paying my way through school was long and difficult but i just got done. preparing for a long road trying to find i job, luck struck and only a few months after graduation i landed a job as a service tech.
    not wanting to sign on for a job i was unprepared for i was clear that i am a entry level, novice tech at best. but i guess this company is a little desperate and my knowledge seemed to suffice for the interview.
    well know i am employed at a property management firm and looking to build relationships with others in the field to gain knowledge and power!!
    mostly my work thus far has involved some water heater elements, a system evac and charge, and other basic maintenance jobs.
    took awhile but nearing 30 years old i finally feel i am on the right path to enjoying what i do and taking the steps to become more.
    thanks everyone hopefully i get my pro pass and i can enjoy everything this forum has to offer.
    helpful plumber!
    ps can anyone recommend a good android viewing app. the website popped one up on my first login but has been lost on me since.

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    welcome aboard.
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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