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Bush and his ilk were RINOS and not conservatives. IMO, their free spending ways, the poor decision to invade Iraq and his desire for amnesty led to the obomonation we have now, as well as conservatives having another RINO on the ticket to oppose him (McCain)

Although Romney would make JFK look like a Republican, I doubt he would be forcing gun control, championing gay marriage, expanding welfare, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and opposing domestic energy sourcing. In my mind, without a doubt the present administration is hell bent on destroying the country.
I agree with this... While Romney and the RINO's were not true conservatives (an endangered species IMO), they would have been less destructive to the country than the current folks.

IMO what we need is folks who UNDERSTAND the founding fathers and documents... one can learn a bunch here:


Now I am gonna be sarcastic: One can learn a bunch at the site... if they want to learn rather than gripe.

IMO we need to quit griping and learn what TRUE conservatism is... and get involved to teach others. The more folks who understand the line of cr*p we are being fed... and more importantly understand what COULD be... the better chance of turning our country around. Without this education and involvement... it is only a matter of time before the USA is similar to Europe in its ways.
When that happens; what will folks say/do?