CA Gov. Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown is going to China tomorrow to try to get investment money.

California is low on cash and the high-speed rail project that will link Soddom and mean , San Francisco and Los Angeles, is 40 (M)(B)illion dollars in the hole.

Since California politicians refuse to scale back it's worthless government, or cut back on it's kooky projects, California is low on funds since Californians, for the most part, will not vote for tax increases.

Some people interviewed, feel the the high-speed rail project is a ploy to divert and collect funds, and some people feel the Chinese will have no interest in it.

China might invest a half-trillion dollars around the world, but so far the media is silent about what they might have to gain.

Why is Jerry Brown going there?
He's probably going to try to sell half of California to the Chinese so his buddies can have high paying , worthless jobs and big pensions for another few years.
Perhaps the Chinese would like to buy the DMV and sell stickers for $89 bucks