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With a couple of 1/8" pipe thread adapters, the AK can be fit to any manifold.

When I bought my 1200, I had it on a Brute Manifold. It worked well, but I got fed up with the oversized, overweight manifold that doesn't hang straight because of the big, fat 3/8 hose sticking out the back.

Refit the adapters to a YJ 41 reversed so the hose parks are on the front and have been using that for both DC ever since.
Thought of doing that but two things stop me: 1) the extra amount of joints and the fact that plumbing fitting aren't really rated for deep vacuum.

2) The plumg supply houses don't have the counter guys with enough back ground to know the fittings I need.

What would I need specifically to make that modification? Rather take a chance at HD and get them there.