Has anyone had problems with the thermistors on the AK900 Spring clamps being to deeply seated in the rubber insulator? I had to pry the thermistor out a tiny bit to have the thermistor seat on the pipe better. Perhaps its just me because it wasn't responding to the pipe temp quickly enough. I was just concerned that when it was made the put the thermister too deep on the rubber section of the clamp. I removed the thermistor and just didn't seat it as deeply. If i find that this work better i my have to find something to place behind the thermistor to prevent it from reseating it back to its origional position.

The reason i ask is because the previous velcro thermistor that had the rubber insulators had the thermistor seated only half the depth as the new spring clamps.

It could be me but i just don't want to be have inaccurate readings or having to waste time to reset the thermistors to get good contact with the pipe.

any comments?