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    Homemade Woodshop Air Filter Question

    I was given a 16" Dayton Transformer Fan (# Grainger Item # 5M154) from a buddy of mine and I plan on using it to make an air filter for my woodshop by enclosing it in some 3/4" plywood, and having it push and pull air through a series of 3-4 1" filtrete pleated filters.(not sure whether I'm going to put 2 filters behind fan w/ one in front or all filters behind fan or two in front and two in back). The fan itself is pretty hefty, putting out 4950 cfm (a lot more than most air filters for woodshop use). I attatched a file with all the information from grainger on here to try and show you what I'm dealing with.

    1. Would the fan be overloaded if it had to push and pull air through that many filters?

    2. Would it be easier for the fan pulling the air through 3-4 filters or pushing the air through the 3-4 filters, or does it even matter (doesn't seem to me like it would, but want to make sure)?

    3. Do you think the 3-4 1" filtrete filters would do fine with the 4590 cfm transformer fan, or would you recommend me using 2 4" filters (I'd like to have something that can handle HAF but be able to plow off with an air compressor for reuse)?

    Any advice or recommendations are appreciated, thanks.
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    That is a basic free air type fan.It will only blow that cfm working with no ductwork.filters or any type restriction other than the grill.i would look for a forward curve type fan from a old furnace that was belt drive or direct drive.try to find higher h/p type that will handle a lot of filters used on it. The fan above would be good in the woodshop to keep the dust moving around with air or maybe mounted in a window to exhaust the dust that way.

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    What would you think about one of those squirrel cage fans from Lasko?

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    Thumbs down on 3M Filtrete air filters. They are much too restrictive.

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    use an old furnace squirrel cage blower build a cabinet for it.
    run it on the lowest speed or set up for high- low operation.
    run it with a cheap 4" pleated filter.

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    With the smoking bans in force I picked up a perfectly good smokeater for $20. Got it off a scrapper. Going to go the 4" pleated for my shop. Need to see how the flow works out.

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