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Thread: hot rod hobby

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    hot rod hobby

    hey im looking for some info: I never owned a hot rod but looking to get into it. I know a guy that's selling a 1988 monte carlos G body with a 406 stroker engine. he is asking 6,000 but wondering if its a good deal not sure on the miles the paint job needs to be redone the body is in good condition. I know a lot of variables determine the price but on a ball park figure? he rarely drives it and wants to get rid of it. if so it might be a good starter for me lol looking for any input from my fellow htalk friends im sure some of you on here are into this stuff.

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    I would look into a fox chassis mustang 5.0, 5k would get you a nice one and parts are very easy to find. My brother had a few, one he built a 383 stroker with 100 hp shot of nitrous.

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    The g body cars are nice and their are a lot of aftermarket parts for them. Make sure to check the rear quarters and under the doors for rust. Very common. If it is in good shape 6k would be a good price.

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    I would kinda figure out what your end goal for the car is, and look around and see if you can find one done already. for example, if you are looking to build a 1/4 mile car, you can scoop one up that someone has already put all the big money into pretty cheap.

    +1 on the fox body mustangs. Easy to build and lots of parts.
    This is my old 85 Mustang 1/4 mile car I sold a few years ago. I can't count the many many thousands I lost when I sold it. They just don't bring that much money when you go to sell them. This car made around 1400 h.p. out of a small block 337 stroker (obviously twin turbo) To give you an idea how much I lost on it when selling, I got about 1/6 of my money back and not counting my hundreds of hours of labor. (and that's typical)

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