I have been a member here for a while, mainly read up on some material to learn and boy has this place taught me a lot.

I'm Gabriel and I grew up in the plumbing and electrical trade with my father. Installed my first water heater solo at 10 and by 12 I replaced a 200 amp load center solo. Of coarse my pops was checking in on me lol. By 13 I was doing the blue prints, preparing proposals and doing the work. People told my dad that he was robbing me from a childhood, but I could not have it any other way.

After graduating at 17 I studied networking. And infrastructure. Received my MCSE and worked as a "Double Agent" for the Geeks Squad, drove the bug and had a badge lol.

Later on I gained weight, didnt like being sitting down for work and hated having soft hads, so I enrolled at Lincoln Tech for their HVAC-R program graduated and looked for work. In the meantime while finding my current job I took a job and learned to repair appliances, might as well learn a nee trade right?

So now I have a good job with a great company here. I love working with these guys and look forward coming to work I every day.

I work at Carroll's Heating & Air Services as one of their on site service techs.

Bob and Gary are the best bosses I have had besides my fsther and they both remind me of him. Oh and the guy who got me on board is a cool guy named Charles, he went to the same school and graduated two years before me.

Well thats my story and if you guys want to know more ask away.

Any suggestions for tools let me know too, currently will need a nee multimeter since my phoenix is acting up. Next on in the summer I would love to get me a digital manifold with dual clamps, 4 port with built in micron gauge. Saw one from field piece for $450.

-Posted from my Samsung Note 2-