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    Thanks for your knowledge and it is valuable. The problem is here, I can't even get anyone to come visit and do a proper laod calc. There are no Trane, York, Carrier, Ect dealers here. It is mostly HVAC companys. They say there is no need to drop by but you need XXXX. I know it id BS but I have been trying for a month and have yet to have anyone drop by to look.

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    That is too bad. I'd like to be optimistic and say keep looking, but if you're in an isolated area I know it can be hard. Have you tried the contractor locator map on this site? Best of luck in finding a good contractor to do the work. You now know the importance of proper sizing and a quality install, so you have the ability to discern good from bad at least. Getting an efficient, properly sized and installed system will be more than worth it in terms of comfort and reliability down the road (and optimally, good savings compared to your previous configuration).

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