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    2 ton goodman gsx130241 13 seer a/c unit ,what is latest revision, and its dimensions

    i am trying to find out which is the newest model and revision for the goodman gsx13024 2ton air condenser. is the newest model smaller in size? does it infact have a scroll compressor?
    goodman and other sites have the specs sheet and brochures in which some list specs for gsx130241a,b,c,d. each have different dimensions . some have each listed on the same specs sheets. none say it has the scroll compressors although some web sites list as scroll.
    is the newest model the d" revision and is it smaller in size for a reason ,good or bad?
    can anyone give some up to date details about this unit.

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    GSX 13024
    B is ~5" shorter than A.
    + ~ 20 # lighter

    I guess the Condenser fan blades may be slightly different, but the CONDENSER motor HP is still 1/6.

    I doubt there is Any measurable difference in performance.
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    The newer revisions have Goodman's "Smart Coil" that uses smaller tubing.
    They are physically smaller, and have a significantly lower refrigerant charge.
    They all have scroll compressors.

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