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    Confused Burnham Freedom FCM 120 Blower failure Help

    Have a FMC 120 running for 4 1/2 years on NG. There have been 3 failures which cost $$$ in repair charges. The first blower failed prematurely after 20 mos. and the second just failed 30 mos. later. The Tyco 0014 main circulator failed at 50 mos. The installation conforms to all the manual specs, however the vent and supply 3″ pipes calculate out to 53′ vs the max limit of 55′. To Burnham’s credit they reimbursed me for the first blower failure and I have a request in for the second. The service Reps are on the phone to Burnham 10 minutes after they arrive to trouble shoot and even then do not always get it right the first time. I had to find the blown Tyco pump myself and kept the service Rep from installing a new control board which was not the problem. Has anyone else had premature blower failures and figured out how to prevent them?

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    The Burnham Freedom boiler uses a combustion blower common to the majority of condensing boilers on the market today. We have installed many and service many more. The vast majority of condensing boilers are not installed properly (look for a start-up sheet properly filled out) and will suffer inefficiency, poor performance and excessive service. This is especially true if the boiler is over-sized for the block load of the home (common) or the boiler's minimum-fire rate exceeds the output of the smallest zone load, which is also quiet commonly the highest demand load e.g. the new sun room.

    Over-sized, over-fired or poorly controlled condensing boiler systems will short-cycle and burn up system and boiler components until the system as whole is sorted out by competent help.

    Piping a Freedom boiler to the installation diagram is just a part, albeit important part, of a successful hydronic system.

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