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    ruud upflow ugph-07eauer

    I am having problems with a ruud furnace the customer says it is intermittent. When it is "broke" nothing happens. No draft motor nothing. He says when u "wiggle" the purple wire on the pressure switch it starts and does fine. Of course i am never there when it is "broke". Everything checks ok when i am there. The switch has 24 or so volts at both sides and the wires at the bulk head have the right voltage. I have inspected the wires and nothing looks like it would have a short but.....

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    Rheem/Ruud bought some cheap plastic pressure switches a few years ago. They like to stick stuck. Wiggle the sucker and she'll open allowing the inducer to come on and then they'll close. Needs to be replaced.

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    Thanks alot for the info.

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