Recently retired as a supervisor from the Fort Wayne, Indiana-- American Electric Power's Electrical Equipment Repair Shop. If it needed fixed...we would fix it!!! From a small battery powered drill to a large 765,000 volt transformer......It didn't matter--- I had a great team who could Git-R-Done!

I live in 20 acres of woods with my beautiful bride of almost 35 years. I love to spend time with my family, hunt, fish, wire, weld, cut wood for heat, work on cars & trucks, restore vintage aircraft, etc....... My wife said I would have been retired long ago if I didn't have so many hobbies!

Now that I am officially retired at 58, I have a life long friend who owns a Commercial Maintenance Business and he has asked me to join him in the HVAC side of his business. I will remain part-time... for now, as I have to try out this new adventure called retirement! I have been dabbling in HVAC for many years and I am looking forward to digging deeper into the technical side ASAP.

I am sure I will be calling on each of your experience in the near future! Thanks in advance!