I'm helping my elderly parent in Indian River County, FL with an upcoming selection of a new AC unit. Presently there is an AC unit with heat coil strip. It's 20+ years old, still works, but I'd like to replace it before it is critical to do so.

The house is a 3/2 with about 1,000 sq. feet, hip roof, frame construction. It's 10 miles from the coast.

I believe the choice will be between going with an AC unit with heat coil strip or a heat pump. The difference in price will most likely determine the decision. The current outdoor unit is on a concrete pad outside the garage with the lines being run across the width of the garage to the thermostat on the combined living room/garage wall. The inside unit is in the garage, again along the width wall. It appears to be a straight-forward installation.

Since I am out of state (TN), I'm lining up contractors to come once I am in FL. From my reading here, the contractor should do a Manual J calculation to determine the correct size unit. After that my question is what should be on a quote from a contractor? At a minimum, I'm thinking there should be: manufacturer and model #, what work is to be done, if they will pull any permits required, warranty terms, how long for installation, manufacturer rebates along with utility company rebate programs and IRS tax credit, and of course, price.

Is there anything else I should be on the look out for?

Thanks for any suggestions.