I'm a real HVAC newbie, so please bear with me! I have a system about 6 years old that is a Carrier Puron HP/AC unit with an Infinity thermostat/controller. For a few months lately, and seemingly randomly, about every week the Infinity thermostat "goes nuts." I.e., the red and blue lights start blinking on the thermostat -- in alternating order of colors. When I check it out, it shows "0" as the temp in two of three zones. (The two furthest from the main unit). (BTW: It's a small house -- about 1700 sq ft, so I'm not sure zoning was a good idea to begin with, but that's another story). At such times as just described, the unit ceases to function, and I get a message to "Call Technician." HOWEVER, if I turn the system off using the button on the right side of the thermostat and wait a few minutes, when I turn it back on again everything seem ordinary again and I can use the whole system normally for a few days until everything repeats as per the above. Anyone have any idea of what my problem is, and what a fix might be? Thanks!