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    Quote Originally Posted by hvacowboy View Post
    Well I can't speak for franchise offices, but corp owned office all techs have laptops with wireless, so I just find a hotspot and use my VPN client to access My Standard and E library, and our office is doing a trial on sprint broadband cards, if all goes well all laptops will have broadband cards, then no access issues. Lets hope!

    can we have yer login and password ..???

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    Sorry, I guess I was mostly addressing Red Dot tech concerns, looks like former contractor eagle subscribers will have to use comfortsite as earlier mentioned.
    Trane service, and Supertek65 fan club president, midwest chapter

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    Quote Originally Posted by controldude View Post
    See your mgr and get the verizon wireless card you can get to the portal anywhere you can get phone reception and the connection is faster than standard dsl.
    I inquired about that already, my supervisor has it thru Nextel and says it is not that fast. He is not real impressed.
    Maybe Verizon is better? Didn't nextel and Verizon merge or was that Sprint?
    Can't keep up with all the Mergers anymore.
    We are not a company store, still franchise.
    I will check on the Verizon deal, Thanks.

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    Technician newsletters that you get in your home mailbox keeps us updated with whats going on now and in the future. The new wireless laptops were talked about a while back, But I guess you have to read the newsletter to know about it.
    So when you complete all your field reports, inspection logs, refrigerant management reports, vehicle safety audits, pure safety training, and quality logs, What's another 5 minutes to read the newsletter.

    So much paperwork, How do you have time to worry about eagle
    It's All Good!!!

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    Will Eagle run with XP? I get the search box open but when I search it says to insert disk xx , so I do and click 'View' but nothing happens. I've tried running in windows 98 compatiblity mode also. Is there any way to decipher what the file names are? If I can search and get the filename I can go get it off the disk myself. It seems to be running OK with the older files, but the newer disks in PDF format don't come up.

    Is there a charge for the web based? I just use my CDs from a couple years ago since not much has changed. I need a copy of RT-SVD03D-EN
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