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    Tiny house in So a two-stage system??

    We have a rental house that's 850 square feet in Riverside County (about 1 hour west of Palm Springs). Summers are hot and very dry. The house is a box, single story, 2 BR/1BA, south facing.

    Built in 1952, the house needs a full AC unit and we'll replace the furnace at the same time. A manual J was not performed by any of the contractors who gave us estimates. In addition to the new AC/furnace, we'll change out the last two windows (to vinyl, double pane) plus new insulation in the attic.

    Question 1: shall we buy the two-stage? (adding $ and 14.5 SEER upgrade from 13) Or with this small a house and completed upgrades, shall we go with the single stage?

    Question 2: is "single-stage" / "two-stage" an option that refers to the furnace or the air conditioner? I seem to have seen it both ways in blogs, etc.

    In case more details are needed, here are the systems the HVAC contractor put together:

    TEMPSTAR/CARRIER systems (both)

    Single stage system:

    Single stage furnace - model: MSL451412A. A 2 Ton capacity horizontal heater. 80% AFUE
    Evaporator - coil model: ENH4X24L17A.
    Condenser - model: N4A324AKB. 2 Ton. 410-A. 13 SEER efficiency.

    Two stage, higher efficiency system:

    2 stage variable speed furnace, 80% efficiency.
    Evaporator coil - model: ENH4X24L17A (used in both systems)
    Condenser - model: NXA624GKA (16 SEER)
    This match will produce 14.5 SEER efficiency
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