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    Hot in Florida - Trane Condensation Issue

    I'm having a problem with our Trane TWE030P13FBO electric AC unit. Hadn't started it up in a year and last night we decided to fire it up. Worked great for a day but now it's stalled. Condensation inside the unit has drenched the filter at the bottom and cold air has ceased. I'm a licensed Architect and General Contractor and I'm not about to do any work on this unit but likely will call a service technician. Also seriously considering the purchase of a new unit. This one is ten years old but used sparingly. Any experience out there with this unit that can shed light on this issue would save me a bunch of time and effort. Is this machine near dead or just suffering from a flesh wound? Thanks in advance.
    From Hot in Florida

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    put in a service call to a reputable company .i woud look for a Trane Comfort Specialist and haveit checked
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    Time for new unit if your freon is leaking or some serious maintenance should straighten it out.
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    Sounds like it is/was frozen up and water is dripping from the ice onto your filter. Could be as simple as a dirty coil or filter causing it , or could be numerous expensive items. You need a pro to come out and look at it.

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    may be that cleaning the coil is what is needed, but you really
    need to call someone who can properly diagnose what is/has

    in Fla. you used a/c sparingly???
    if you do replace, check into heat pumps rather than
    expensive electric strip heating. your winter bills
    will be much much less.

    best of luck.
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    Is there an overflow pan? Is there water in the overflow pan?
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