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    Help in buying a leak detector

    Hey guys, my old leak detector took a dump on me. I have a chance to buy a new JB LD 5000 Prowler (at a pawn shop) Its new with all the paperwork, immaculate without one scratch for $200.00. They say it has never been used. My cost at United is $390.00 for a new one. Anybody use the Prowler?? Good or bad??


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    I'm not real happy with my inficon d-tek, it won't sniff out a leak, but my ge h-10b will...
    just have to drag an extension cord around with the h-10b..

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    Don't play around with something that may or may not be any good. I would find a H-10G or an H10PM. Do a search on leak detectors on this site. The only detector that may compare and that is only hearsay is an ultrasonic type one, they have a learning curve from what I understand though.

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    I also had an Inficon D-Tek that was just about worthless IMO. Was on the fence between getting the H-10 and a Bacharach Informant 2. Ended up going with the Bacharach and have been pleased so far. Selling point was the combustible leak detection with the refrigerant leak detection.

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    Informant 2 is a fine instrument with no complaints. I depend on my H-10 PM way more for hard to find leaks especially in a already contaminated area of the refrigerant. For R410A u just have to re adjust sensitivity way up and gain the experience where your unit starts working best at it, then it will not let u down finding the leak. Both are at the top rated for me just H10 is the best if your not in a time driven hurry.

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    I have a H10PM (got it in like new condition on Ebay for about $125...just had to buy a new battery after using it for a while). My boss just picked up a fieldpiece SRL2 infrared detector to replace his POS D-Tek. Seems to work great and detect every refrigerant we deal with (tested it on R22, 410, 404 and 134), but he won't listen to me when I tell him he's not using it correctly...gotta keep moving that sucker around cause it detects changes in refrigerant volume...he likes to keep it right where he thinks there's a leak and then ***** cause it's not working right.

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