Hey Everyone!

I'll try to keep this short. I am a first time home-buyer, and I need some advise on the installation of cold air returns in order to decide weather to close on the deal, or walk away. After having a home inspection, the inspector stated that there were no returns on the main level or second level of the home. He said that the system would still work, but not as efficiently as it would with cold air returns installed. The seller is unwilling to restructure the home in order to have these installed because the system does technically function. On top of this, I called around to see if I could bring in an HVAC professional to quote me on just how much it might cost to install, however, all told me that they could not inspect or quote me a price without the owner being present. The owner lives out of state, and it is not possible to have him present.

My question, i know, will not have an exact answer because all houses and systems are different, and you are unable to see it for yourselves. I am just wondering for opinions on how much/little something like this could run me. I feel really stuck here, as i love the home and would hate to walk away if this is a job that is relatively common and affordable in cost. PLEASE HELP!!!

p.s. feel free to ask details if needed!