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    Is this equipment selection appropriate?

    Referencing the attached documents and assuming I got the load calculation right, would the following Goodman equipment be a reasonable selection to add on to an existing 80K furnace. I've used Goodman in this example because the data is ready available. Actual equipment will likely be different, but I just want to know if I understand this or not.

    Condensor: DSXC160241A 2 Ton 2 Stage
    Coil: CAPF3636B6D

    Total= 23,889
    Sensible = 20,690
    Latent = 3,199

    From the expanded data, S/T ratio = .81 at 800 CFM making sensible BTU = 19,444 / Latent = 4,560

    At 900 CFM S/T ratio = .84 making sensible BTU 20,160 / Latent = 3,840.

    I've had several contractors look at this now and two of them have suggested 3 TON units. My existing unit is 2 1/2 TONs and it we tend to overcool things in an effort to keep the humidity down. This approach really drives up the electric bill and makes the house uncomfortably cool.

    I would really like to get the humidity down close to 50% without the overcooling.

    I appreciate the input.
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