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    Hmm Need help with furnace brands

    After 35 years, my old furnace is shooting craps and in need of replacement. One of the contractors I've talked with has offered several different options with furnaces from three different manufacturers. He has offered Tempstar with 80 and 92% efficiencies; Payne with 80 and 90 percent efficiencies; and Lennox with 90% efficiency. Costs quoted are progressively higher from Tempstar to Payne to Lennox. I'm familiar with the Lennox brand, but not the Tempstar or Payne. I would appreciate any input or comments anyone can offer on the Tempstar and Payne brands, particularly as compared to Lennox.

    Also considering an Aprilaire electronic air filter and would appreciate hearing anyones thoughts on their experiences with that air filter.

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    Payne is bare bones brand of Bryant & Carrier. Nothing fancy, low price, sold to anybody.

    Tempstar & Lennox have lower end & higher end so you'd have to research which models are being quoted to you.

    As you step up in furnaces, you get better warranties, quieter units, more sophisticated controls. If you can affod it, better to avoid the bottom end units.

    Key over all is best installer and proper sizing. That's the hardest thing to find these days.

    Our customers are very happy with their 5000 air cleaners.

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